About Sinwan

About SINWAN Fan

Sinwan Fan Motors & ventilators air movers producer Company established in Taipei in 1976. Since then Sinwan has expanded its Design/Manufacturing/ and Assembly business to include contracts with various prestigious companies in the world.

Sinwan offers hundreds of product combinations, including 
AC/DC Axial Fans, EC Fans (EC Fan energy-saving fan series), All Metal Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Crossflow Fans, Blowers, Skeleton Fans, and AC/DC/EC Motors, IP68 Cooling fans (IP68 Waterproof Fans / IP68 Dustproof Fans / IP68 Splash Proof Fans), and Fan Accessories (Metal Fan Guard, Plastic Fan Guard, Plastic Filter, Metal Screen, Ventilator Filter Kits, Power Cord) in both AC and DC market with varieties of functions. This wide selection enables our customers to choose the correct air moving device for all applications. "Practical outcomes through innovative means" is what we believe.

Our company, Cell-Core Industrial Technology Ltd. official Agent of Sinwan in Europe and working with professional members as a team who share over 20 years of experience in domestic and international trade. We have provided the right technical equipment for many large investments over the past few years, ensuring our customers receive high quality tools in perfect condition and to a tight schedule.
Therefore our privilege to have established fruitful cooperations with a number of Taiwanese manufacturers in recent years and as a result of one of our oldest commercial partnership, we have been awarded the European Official Agent License for the Sinwan fan manufacturer in 2017.
We provide fast response time and detailed information to our customers on their searched items and make sure the delivery status is updated at all times for our customers piece of mind.
We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our growing circle of partners.
Yours Faithfully